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We Agape You acts as a community hub to refer members of the community in need. Our referrals include services in mental health, employment, drug and alcohol addiction, and homelessness. In doing so we make an impact in the reduction of gun violence and other violent crimes. 

  Every donation counts towards the completion of this critical project. You can also contribute to this project through GoFundMe by clicking the button below

agape - (ah-gah-pey), Greek

the love of Christians for other persons, corresponding to the love of God for  humankind, unselfish love from one person to another, brotherly love

The mission of We Agape You is to mimic Christ's agape love in serving the members of our community without discrimination. We address what must be in place to heal a person's mind, body, and spirit through housing and employment services for veterans and needy.

Numerous employers make it a priority to hire veterans for open positions. You can click on Job Listings to see open posts.

As a 501(c)3 public charity, We Agape You relies solely on donations to complete our mission.  To donate today, please click the Donate Through Paypal button or contact us at

Employment and Housing Services for Veterans and Needy

A registered 501(c)3 nonprofit charity


We Agape You